25 September - 10 October 2021
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Virtual Recruitment Drive for Startups
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Do you have a passion to work for startups and be a part of the vibrant journey? Do you think that sky is the limit when it comes to learning and growth opportunity?
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Keralites are the workforce of the world. Here is a chance to hire the best and talented people from Kerala.
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About Hireathon
Hireathon is an initiative of Kerala Startup Mission in association with Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission and ASAP to support Startups to hire right talents.
Participating Startups would be able to get talents curated by Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission. Candidates registered with DWMS of Knowledge Economy Mission and ASAP need not register afresh.
For More Details: hireathon@startupmission.in
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Neither Kerala Startup MIssion nor its partnering companies in this initiative, screens employers nor endorses their employment opportunities, labour practices, products, or services. As data is subject to change at the discretion of each employer, information has not been verified and neither Kerala Startup MIssion nor its partnering companies in this initiative cannot be held responsible for any inconsistencies or errors. Registering in this portal neither guarantees nor promises that you will be getting employment. This platform is intended to connect potential job seekers to interested employers. All concerns regarding the job application and its continued engagement, including but not limited to screening, interview, offer and post offer will be managed by and between the employer and respective job seeker. It is also expected that both the employer and the job seeker provides only accurate and complete data to the best of their belief. If any of the data provided is found to be wrong or misrepresented, the person who provided the data will be solely responsible and neither Kerala Startup Mission nor its partnering companies in this initiative will be held responsible for any such act. It is also understood that the job seeker and employers agree that you can be contacted for the scope of this initiative on the contact details provided by you in this portal.

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